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It brings your domains to AsturHosting and it enjoys the advantages that we offer to you. Without additional rates. If to your domain it has left two months to expire, with the transfer, you would enjoy a year and two months.
The transfer of domains is gratuitous. It only pays the renovation by a year of his domain.

Requirements for a transfer

  • Status ACTIVATES

    The state of the domain must be unblocked (Status ACTIVATES). This is a modality used by some cash registers and holders to protect the property of its domain. In this case, it will have to contact with his present recorder so that it unblocks his domain.

  • NonHidden data

    The data of the domain do not have to be hidden. At the moment the regulation of Domains Name Registry on the part of the ICANN demands that the registry data must be public but some cash registers can realise the concealment of these data.

  • Valued contact

    The e-mail of the holder and administrative contact of the domain must be valid. For reasons of security, the only person with power to authorize the transfer of domain is the one that appears as administrative contact. She must make sure that she has access to this direction of e-mail.

  • Code of Authorization

    You must have the EPP, authorization code Code or AUTH Code (except .es). The generic domains (.com, .net, .org, biz, .info), need auth code or authorization code to manage the transfer of their domain successfully. It will have to be put in touch with his present one to register so that they facilitate it.

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