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  • Confidence

    Certificates SSL provide to your site the confidence that the user requires to provide his data of contact and payment. Law LSSI demands the coding of the information when this one is of personal character and is transferred through public networks. SSL covers this exigency using https.

  • Security

    The information transferred from and/or towards your ssd vps hosting website can be intercepted by hackers that spy on the communications. When these communications are based through protocols of encryption of 2048bits as it happens with SSL, the information travels on approval based of any intrusion.

  • Protection

    More than 174 million confidential data they were robbed during year 2011 by hackers. Any site without protection is an objective potential. It consolidates the security and confidence of your website incorporating security SSL.

  • Identity

    Lately frauds related to websites have been seen that they tried to usurp the name of other recognized brands. SSL provides the identity that your website needs to avoid this type of frauds.

Certificate catalogue

SSL is the abbreviations in English of Secure Socket Layer (in Spanish layer of safe connection). It is a cryptographic protocol (a set of rules to follow related security, applying cryptography) employee to realise safe connections between a client using dedicated server ip (as he is it a navigator of Internet) and a servant (as they are it the computers with webpages).

Certificate types SSL

  • Certificates of validation of
    domain name

    These are more basic certificates SSL, focus in only validating the domain name (dominio.com). He is ideal for situations which the visitors of the site need to enter to safe zones, or is to enter personal data (name of user, password, email, etc) or to realise payments with credit cards. Unlike shared certificates, these will not be object of messages of warning on the part of the navigators.

  • Certificates of validation of companies

    Very similar to those of validation of domains, the difference is that for these it is necessary to validate data of the own company and not only its domain. A company that this security certificate type uses, not only this validating its domain (dominio.com) but also its company. The fact that a third party (association certifier) validates the company (and not only its domain) will generate major confidence to its clients. It is a question of €œreputation€ if it is wanted.

  • Certificates of validation

    The green bar is exclusive of this certificate. It assures the visitors to them who are before a validated and assured company. A site protected by means of this certificate causes that the navigators Web show the name of the organization next to the bar of directions and to the name of the certificate authority who emitted it. The navigator and the certificate authority control the visualization, which causes that the techniques of phishing are more difficult to apply.

  • Certificates
    Wildcard and

    Wildcards allow to use an only certificate SSL to be used in multiple subdomains. For example, the certificate will be used for dominio.com, compras.dominio.com, contacto.dominio.com, etc

    Multi-domain is similar to the Wildcards, the difference is that in this case they are used for domains (and nonsubdomains). For example, the certificate will be used for dominio.com, dominio.net, dominio.org, etc.

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